How fast and where after payment will I receive my goods?

After payment you will immediately receive the goods to the email you specify, be sure to indicate your real email and without errors, take your time and it is better to double-check again.

Do you have unique combos or can someone else buy the same ones as mine?

All combos are sold to only one customer and are not duplicated.

How often do you replenish your store with fresh combos?

We try to replenish our store daily with fresh combos.

Have wholesale discounts?

Yes, we have discounts for wholesale customers and regular customers, to get a discount coupon, contact us in Telegram.

I bought combos, but the letter did not come, what's the matter?

There can be three reasons: 1. The message has fallen into the spam folder. 2. You have specified an invalid mailbox. 3. There was a failure on the site and therefore you did not receive the goods, contact us at Telegram.